Wildlife Badge in a Bag®
Pick a nice day and get outside to explore with your group.

Get it while you can! This "Bag" is being discontinued to make room for new "Badge in a Bags". The current Brownie Watching Wildlife Try-It is being retired by GSUSA. Make sure to pick up your Try-Its from the council store while they still have availablity.

Kit contains supplies for a maximum of 12 scouts to do four activities. Order a "bag of extras" for troops up to 16. Order 2 full bags for troops of 17 or more.

Your girls will be ready to go out and learn about wildlife! Kit will have everything they need to learn while having fun!

If you are a Brownie leader and would like to use this kit to complete your Watching Wildlife Try-It here is our suggestion for fulfilling the requirements. Of course, it is not meant to infringe upon your own interpretation of the badge or the requirements printed in the Try-It book.

Requirement 1 - Animal Architects
Each girl can go home with her own pair of 5" binoculars to observe animals building their homes.  Great for your camping and hiking trips also!

Requirement 2 - Animal Talk
Make a bird visor and act like a bird. Kit includes foamie visor, feathers and beaks to cut and fold) You'll need your own scissors, permanent marker and tacky glue. Project will take about 20 minutes to complete and you'll want time to act like a bird!

Requirement 5 - Ant Adventure
Each girl can go home with her own pair of 3" magnifying glass to observe ants.  Great for your camping and hiking trips also!

Requirement 6 - Outdoor Shopping
Learn about what animals eat and make a SWAP for fun. Kit includes pipe cleaner, silk leaf and safety pin. Project will take about 15 minutes to complete and you'll need your own hole punch and marker to make eyes.

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It makes planning a meeting easy!! I will defiantly be back for more!! I recommended it to all of the leaders in my service unit!!

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