First Aid Badge in a Bag®            Economical and educational!

New and Improved! Now with a 16" drawstring bag to hold your first aid supplies.

Get it while you can! This "Bag" is being discontinued to make room for new "Badge in a Bags". The current Junior First Aid badge is being retired by GSUSA. Make sure to pick up your badges from the council store while they still have availablity.

LESS THAN 40ยข PER PROJECT                 Kit contains supplies for a maximum of 12 scouts to do six activities. Order a "bag of extras" for troops up to 16. Order 2 full bags for troops of 17 or more.

Wow! Every scout leader's dream has come true. Now you can have personal first aid kits for your troop of 12.

It's educational and economical! A great chance for your troop to earn an important badge. You can even order optional supplies (for an additional cost) to fill your first aid kits.* 

A "Bag of Extras" is available for troops with up to 16 girls. 

If you are a Junior Girl Scout leader and would like to use this kit to complete your "First Aid" Junior Badge here is our suggestion for fulfilling the requirements. Of course, it is not meant to infringe upon your own interpretation of the badge or the requirements printed in the badge book.

Requirements 2 - Ouch!
Kit includes a bandana. Research how to use it as a tourniquet, to make a sling, secure a splint, hold ice for a cold pack. Can you think of other uses? Note: Bandana color assortment varies.

Requirement 4 - Get Help
Kit includes a printed phone card and a sticker for the front. Record any emergency numbers such as fire, police and poison control. Store your own emergency contact numbers and don't forget to include neighbors and friends. 

Requirement 5 - Until Help Arrives
Punch pre-printed cards to make a first aid booklet to bind with the included ring and clip. Carry your booklet with you in case of emergencies.

Requirement 8 - Staying Safe
16" drawstring pouch is big enough to hold all your emergency supplies. 

Requirement 9 - Survivor
Make a water bottle holder so it easier to stay hydrated on a hot day. Includes foam and strapping. You'll need your own hot glue gun and scissors. Water bottle not included.

Requirement 10 - First Aid Challenge
Kit comes with a skit bag to decorate. Holds the assorted first aid scenarios that are included. Act them out with your troop.

Optional First Aid Supplies
This supply kit includes enough supplies for up to 16 girls:

  • 32 Non-Latex Gloves

  • 16 Packs of Tissues

  • 16 Eye Wash Cups

  • 16 Plastic Bags

  • 16 Spools of Thread

  • Assorted Buttons

  • Assorted Needles

  • Assorted Safety Pins

  • 50 Bandage Strips

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