Discovery Badge in a Bag®
Explore the six different fun science activities included in this kit.

Get it while you can! This "Bag" is being discontinued to make room for new "Badge in a Bags". The current Junior Science Discovery badge is being retired by GSUSA. Make sure to pick up your badges from the council store while they still have availablity.

LESS THAN 40ยข PER PROJECT                 Kit contains supplies for a maximum of 12 scouts to do six activities. Order a "bag of extras" for troops up to 16. Order 2 full bags for troops of 17 or more.

Our Discovery "Badge in a Bag" is great for scouts, summer camp, or the classroom. Juniors can complete their Science Discovery badge. Available with a "Bag of Extras" for leaders who like to make samples, have extra supplies on hand or to stretch your kit for up to four extra girls.

If you are a Junior Girl Scout leader and would like to use this kit to complete your "Science Discovery" Junior Badge here is our suggestion for fulfilling the requirements. Of course, it is not meant to infringe upon your own interpretation of the badge or the requirements printed in the badge book.

Requirement 1 - Science Becomes Art
Break a geode into pieces. You might get lucky and find a crystal inside. 90% of the geodes will have crystals inside. Pick out a piece and use the included hemp to make it into a necklace. You'll need your own hammer, scissors and a low temp hot glue gun. Project will take about 20 minutes to complete once you have your goal decided.

Requirement 3 - Water Tricks
Use the included eye dropper to see how many drops of water you can get on a penny. The results will surprise you. Allow 10 minutes for this experiment and pennies are not included in the kit.

Requirement 7 - Hands-On
Make a kaleidoscope that really work! Kit includes mirror cards, printed design paper. You need tape. Project will take about 5 minutes to complete but allow extra time to experiment.

Requirement 8 - Environmental Observer
Use the included test tube to take a water sample and observe the water quality. Project will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Requirement 9 - See What
Kit includes 12 optical illusion cards. Pass them around. How does our brain view the illusions? Project will take about 30 minutes to complete plus the time to do or make the good deed.

Requirement 10 - Friction Experiment
Kit comes with a toy car for each child. You'll need your own cookie or plastic tray. Project will take about 10 minutes to complete.

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We took this "Badge in a Bag" camping and were able to complete all the activities during our overnighter.

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