Community Badge in a Bag®
Learn about being a good citizen including getting started on a service project.

Get it while you can! This "Bag" is being discontinued to make room for new "Badge in a Bags". The Brownie "My Community Try-It" is being retired by GSUSA. Make sure to pick up your Try-Its from the council store while they still have availablity.

LESS THAN 30ยข PER PROJECT                     Kit contains supplies for a maximum of 12 scouts to do four activities. Order a "bag of extras" for troops up to 16. Order 2 full bags for troops of 17 or more.

If you are a Brownie leader and would like to use this kit to complete your Citizen Near and Far Try-It here is our suggestion for fulfilling the requirements. Of course, it is not meant to infringe upon your own interpretation of the badge or the requirements printed in the Try-It book.

Requirement 4 - Making Choices and Voting
Kit includes 12 cardboard houses to color and assemble Houses measure approximately 6" tall. You'll also get a ballot for each girl to vote on the laws of the town before it is built. Laws to vote on include: All houses must be pink or purple. The houses on each block must be the same style. Only people with brown hair can live in this neighborhood. Allow 30 minutes to vote, color and assemble your neighborhood.

Requirement 2 - Getting Along
Kit includes 24 community member cutouts to color. Make sure your community is diverse. Discuss situations in your neighborhood where someone might be not be treated fairly and what you can do as a community to make it right. Allow 15 minutes to color and discuss.

Requirement 3 - It's the Law
Kit includes 24 community member cutouts to color including firefighters and police officers. What laws do the people in your neighborhood have to follow? Allow 15 minutes to color and discuss.

Requirement 6 - Reaching Out
Kit includes 12 bags, labels and 12 boxes of crayons to get you started on collecting supplies for kids. Where will your supplies go? To a local homeless shelter, to another country where the kids are experiencing a hardship? It's up to your troop to collect more supplies and decide where to send them. Allow 15 minutes to discuss and set up a plan.

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Citizen Near and Far

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I had no idea how to approach this try-it in a fun and interesting way with my girls. This was perfect for their age group and they really enjoyed it.

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